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my pledge of talents

I pledge to take care of God's church and world using my talents in the following ways:
(check all that apply.)

Fellowship & hospitality:

put on coffee hour

visit / welcome newcomers

visit sick / homebound

plan ways to help members know each other

help with rides to church

help serve or clean up at parish meals

host a gathering for parish members

babysit for a church event / class

Outreach / service to those in need:

help with baked goods sales for outreach

meet with committee to plan outreach

Wednesday Club helper

help with Les Painers Verts

plan or lead other projects to raise funds for outreach

contact other groups to work with for service

help with environmental planning

Spiritual format:

Adults education (teach or organise a class)

Bible Study (teach or organize)

Youth group advisor / leader

Sunday School teacher

Sunday School occasional helper

Creche teacher

Creche occasional helper

Be part of the prayer chain

Help lead worship:


play instrument

lead prayers of the people

read scripture in English

read scripture in French

lay hands and pray for healing

altar guild (set altar, care for linens & supplies)


usher / greeter

Parish resources & leadership:

Finance Committee


Building & grounds help:



church clean-ups


help with publicity for church events

take photos to share for publicity

(If you have a specific gift, like woodworking, which might be helpful to the church on occasion, let us know about it!)

my pledge of time

I pledge to give to God the honour due God by attending a service of worship once a week unless unavoidably prevented.

I pledge to give God the honour due by regular prayer at home.

I pledge to continue in the apostle's teachings, by attending a class / Bible study / compline & book group.

I pledge to seek and serve Christ in others, attending fellowship gatherings and welcoming visitors / angels in our midst.

I pledge to be responsible to knowing about the life and ministry of my Christian community by reading the announcements / newsletter.

my pledge of treasure

This information will be kept confidential.

I pledge to give back to God a portion of the earthly treasure God has given me.
My financial gift to God through All Saints' Church for 2014 is:

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via Euro € Standing Order Bank Transfer to:
KBC Account # 734-0226514-28

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US Dollar $:

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via US Dollar $ Transfer (please contact the church office for details).

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